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To become a member of the Powerhouse Investing Group (P.I.G), and have access to any and all investment opportunities, or even present an investment opportunity, one investment in any of the portfolio companies must be made. From then, you are lifetime member of P.I.G. There are no obligations, only opportunities in multiple sectors.


“With today’s market uncertainties , investment diversification is paramount. I chose P.I.G. for the vision, leadership and friendship of Dan Nieto , and the fantastic investment opportunities that would ordinarily be inaccessible. All of our members are winners, and winners win — together, winners win big.”

- Nick Wiegand  |  4X Investor


In 2023, I embarked on my investment journey with Pig. It all began with my first investment in OC locals in Anaheim. Witnessing the immense potential of this venture, I was filled with excitement. To my delight, Dan approached me and inquired about the remarkable Golden Eagle vodka, which further fueled my passion to invest more with Pig. My goal was not just to secure a prosperous future with Pig, but also to achieve financial stability and create the ideal atmosphere that I aspire to be a part of.

- Tim Spelts  |  2X Investor


“Best decision ever made - being part of PIG provided me the flexibility, opportunity, and exposure to investments that otherwise would not have been possible, all the while networking and building a camaraderie with like-minded leaders. PIG may consider lucky to have me, but in reality I am fortunate to be part of PIG."

- Sat Raghupatruni  |  3X Investor


"With my M.B.A. in Finance, I am very disciplined with my money and know the importance of investing early and often. However, after years of continuing to invest in your standard options and seeing some returns, ultimately was getting bored. When Dan first approached me about P.IG. and our first investment, OC Local I was thrilled with this new investing alternative along with the returns. Everybody has seen SharkTank and wished they could have that exclusively opportunity to invest in growing businesses at the beginning, well now Thanks to P.I.G. you can! P.I.G. has energized my enthusiasm for investing again and I can't wait to see what's next."

- Ryan Schmid  |  3X Investor


“My Wife and I are very fortunate to have found Powerhouse Investment Group. As investors in multiple projects, Marina and I are very impressed with the quality of vetted opportunities that PIG provides and presents when the due diligence has been thoroughly done. Dan and Brian do an amazing job of putting their blood, sweat, tears and own money into making PIG a great group to be a part of the communication is on point, the group interactions are great, we are truly fortunate to invest alongside a great group of business people and most of all, friends. I cannot recommend pig highly enough for those looking for highly vetted opportunities and world class people"

- Shane & Marina  |  2X Investor


"Both my wife Mimi and I always look for exceptional opportunities to diversify our asset portfolio with the opportunity of excellent returns and P.I.G. provides us with that. Powerhouse Investment Group is a conglomerate of different types of investment opportunities with a blueprint that can ensure success"

- Steve and Mimi Somerman  |  2X Investor

Branch Manager / Real Estate Investor, PIG Board Advisory Member
Branch Manager / PIG Board Advisory Member
Director of Advanced Manufacturing-Global Metals and Assembly
Defense Executive
Regional Manager
Defense Executive
Senior Marketing Executive
Branch Manager
CEO | BB2 Technology Group | PIG Board Advisory Member
Co-Founder & Loan Officer
Busines Owner / Broker
Sales Manager
Branch Manager / Real Estate Investor
Director of Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance
National Mortgage Recruiter / Yoga Instructor
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Broker Owner
Senior Loan Officer
marketing and media experts
Special Operations
VP of Marketing / Web Designer
Technology Sales professional
Logistics Engineer
CEO | Attorney
COO Golden Eagle Vodka
Financial Planner / Business Owner
On Site Sales Counselor
Certified Financial Planner
Area Manager | Mortgage Lending
UPS Driver | Competitive BJJ Brown Belt
Executive Director of employee health and Benefits
Retirement Plan Account Manager
financial planner & mortgage professional
Restaurant Owners
Medical Device Sales
Health Care Leader
Chevy Parts Director
Managing Principal/ Divisional President- Mortgage
Real Estate Builder

An Invaluable Partnership!

"Working with pig has been an invaluable partnership for our business, OC Local Taproom & The Local @ Anaheim. Their expertise and guidance have played a crucial role in attracting new investors and driving investments to our establishment. With pig's support, we have experienced significant growth and success in our industry. Their innovative strategies and dedicated approach have helped us establish a strong presence and build a loyal customer base. We are grateful to pig for their invaluable contribution to our business's success and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable and results-driven partner."

Patrick Thomas
OC Local Founder | California

Can't Praise Them Enough.

"I had the privilege of working with Powerhouse Investment Group (PIG), a boutique private equity company, and I can't praise them enough for their exceptional dedication to providing maximum value for their partners. Powerhouse Investment Group demonstrated a genuine passion for our success, engaging in our fundraising efforts as if it was their own business. Their hard work and tireless efforts were instrumental in helping us procure capital from over 20 qualified investors. I am truly grateful for the expertise and unwavering support that Powerhouse Investment Group provided throughout the beginning of our projects journey. I would refer any of my friends and colleagues to PIG for capital raising needs. Our experience working with PIG was a complete success."

Dakota Blaze Rader
Golden Eagle Vodka | California

P.I.G. Funding is Our FUEL!

"Great ideas can only go so far without the fuel to keep them running. Funding is that fuel. The Powerhouse Investment Group (PIG) has been vital to Rayva. PIG has been and continues to be high-octane fuel with their knowledge, influence, and delivery on their promises. Additionally, they are a fun team. With the help of PIG, Rayva is on a path to massive success. The Rayva team is thankful for their relationship with PIG."

Dan McOmber
CEO Rayva | Arizona


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