Mark J. Orr

Certified Financial Planner



Single Business Investor

1X Business Investor

Mark has been a CFP since 2000 and specializes in tax-free retirement income planning and is the author of seven books about retirement.

A focal strategy is what he calls “TRIPLE ZERO™ plans” (with ZERO contribution/income limits, ZERO stock market risk, and ZERO income taxes), which by themselves can transform almost any retirement.

But make the TRIPLE ZERO plan even more powerful by using the CATAPULT strategy (his own code name for it), which uses OPM. Our banks will loan you about $3 for every $1 you contribute to your plan.

You financed your home to get to live in the house you desired and deserved so why not finance your retirement to enjoy the future lifestyle you crave.

Unlike real estate loans, you don't have any monthly principal and interest payments. There are NO loan applications, NO credit checks, NO personal collateral, not even a signature on the loan. Our firm has done $4 BILLION of these loans over the last 15 years.


An Invaluable Partnership!

"Working with pig has been an invaluable partnership for our business, OC Local Taproom & The Local @ Anaheim. Their expertise and guidance have played a crucial role in attracting new investors and driving investments to our establishment. With pig's support, we have experienced significant growth and success in our industry. Their innovative strategies and dedicated approach have helped us establish a strong presence and build a loyal customer base. We are grateful to pig for their invaluable contribution to our business's success and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable and results-driven partner."

Patrick Thomas
OC Local Founder | California

Can't Praise Them Enough.

"I had the privilege of working with Powerhouse Investment Group (PIG), a boutique private equity company, and I can't praise them enough for their exceptional dedication to providing maximum value for their partners. Powerhouse Investment Group demonstrated a genuine passion for our success, engaging in our fundraising efforts as if it was their own business. Their hard work and tireless efforts were instrumental in helping us procure capital from over 20 qualified investors. I am truly grateful for the expertise and unwavering support that Powerhouse Investment Group provided throughout the beginning of our projects journey. I would refer any of my friends and colleagues to PIG for capital raising needs. Our experience working with PIG was a complete success."

Dakota Blaze Rader
Golden Eagle Vodka | California

P.I.G. Funding is Our FUEL!

"Great ideas can only go so far without the fuel to keep them running. Funding is that fuel. The Powerhouse Investment Group (PIG) has been vital to Rayva. PIG has been and continues to be high-octane fuel with their knowledge, influence, and delivery on their promises. Additionally, they are a fun team. With the help of PIG, Rayva is on a path to massive success. The Rayva team is thankful for their relationship with PIG."

Dan McOmber
CEO Rayva | Arizona


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